Wednesday, July 9, 2008

At Camp

I fully intended to make a return to blogging with exuberance, but then my husband sweetly permitted Phoebs and me to make a journey to Camp Mops&Pops. And when we come to camp, Phoebe and I both get full camp privileges.

Phoebe, for one, gets undivided attention from doting grandparents and whomever we might spend time with. She also gets chocolate chip cookies, a slightly later bedtime, and entertainment in the backseat whenever we run errands. Errands may also result in a special treat to come home with, such as the sweetly stuffed Elmo that came home from the grocery store. Camp is always an exciting experience for the little!

But camp is also exciting for Mommy, who gets to turn back into a little girl at camp. Mommy gets to share critter-responsibility, and take a short break from household responsibilities. She also gets quiet, alone time when needed -- not just stolen moments during sleeping-baby hours. Mommy also enjoys chocolate chip cookies, a slightly later wakeup time, and fun special treats (such as the pedicure she is looking forward to tomorrow).

We wish Daddy could be here at camp with us, but we are grateful that he shared us for a special midweek visit. We will be returning home to him tomorrow, and while camp has been exciting -- we look forward to being reunited as a family!

But hey, what summer would be complete without a fun experience at summer camp?


Carolynn said...

Just a little note to say, we miss you too! It's been too long:) Love you!

j&bH said...

i'm glad you are feeling better...i'm also glad we got to have a little bit of hang-out time the other night. it didn't completely satisfy my need for a slumber party (so we'll need to figure that out before school starts) but i always love seeing my rhoda & mr. t...not to mention the bean and our soon to come peanut!
I LOVE me whenever you need me. i think maybe i haven't said that enough's always true whether i say it or not, but reminders are nice every once in a while. :)
I LOVE YOU...the puppy comes home with us next week and we'll be headed south to sylacauga for myles and elissa's wedding on the 19th, so maybe we can make a pit stop along the way. you have to see the baby! you are the aunt and uncle after all! :)
I LOVE YOU (sorry about the long
love, fave

The Pink Potpourri said...

ooohhh i want to come to your camp!

Anonymous said...

As one of the camp counselors, I'm informing you that the campgrounds are awful quiet...wonder if Winnie and J.T. would run down the hallway just so I can hear the pitter-pat of little feet??!! Not the same!!! I'm so thankful for the retreat enjoyed, so thankful for the heart of your sweet husband who sacrifices precious time with his family, and so thankful to Father who blesses us all so abundantly through baby kate...even one minute is long-lasting and sweet. Enjoy His love as you enjoy being reunited! Love you each so, so big...mops

Andy and Kelly said...

Hey! Were you talking about Michael setting up the online store?! Either way, I would LOVE that! I've been wanting to set up something like that, but I really don't know how to do anything cool on the computer :/ Mom and I are going to an Entreprenureal event for women who want to start a business next week, so may help with my business ventures! :D I MISS you, and can't wait for Nora to enter this world!