Sunday, June 29, 2008

Still Here, Sort Of

Wednesday night, we were amazed that the grumbling sky outside actually produced rain. (I cannot count the number of times in the past few weeks we have anticipated a shower from those dark gray clouds, only to be disappointed.) We could tell that the storm was pretty close, and the thunder was actually loud enough to scare me -- and I don't get all that scared about thunder and lightning (only tornado-type stuff).

Anyway, I was showing Michael and Phoebs the cleanest master bathroom we've had in months (thank you, Caroylnn for the heads up on the cleaner -- it worked a MIRACLE in there!) when a really scary, wall-shaking thunder clapped overhead. By the time we stepped outside of the bathroom to see what was going on, we heard a horrific screech. The power in the living room went off. Nervous much?

Since all of our "important appliances" (save for the refrigerator) are in the living room, we were a little nervous. As it turns out, Michael was able to get the power back on with a few flips of the circuit breaker. However, there were a few casualties of the storm.
  • Michael's laptop power cord (replaced under warranty at the Mac store Thursday)
  • cable (television and Internet)
  • one of the cable inputs on our television
  • our a/c functioned a little wonky for 24 hours after the storm
We have a repair person supposedly coming out tomorrow; we'll see if he/she is able to get things fixed. Since Wednesday, we've been living without "outside access" to the world -- no television or Internet -- and really, it's been kind of nice. I'm at Panera right now checking email and just taking a "Mommy break" while Michael stays home with the napping child.

I'm not sure when we'll be back on-line... soon, I'm sure! But it's been a good week, and I'll post about it when we return to the land of high speed technology. :)

Hope everyone's having a great week!


Charles said...

YIkes! Did lightening actually hit your house? I'm glad the cleaner worked as well for you as it did for me. Amazing, ain't it? We're out of town for the week. We'll be home next Saturday.

Carolynn said...

Sorry. That last comment was from me. I didn't realize my brother was signed in. Oops.

Liz said...

Very scary! I hate lightning for that very reason! But I admit, it's sort of nice when you "lose" touch with the outside world for a bit...reminds you of simpler times.

Anonymous said...

yea, you're back!!!!! actually, the longer you do without the "noise" of technology the better it gets...5 years spent in that "world" was truly blissful. However, daily views of babe is greatly missed, so I guess I'll vote for modern technology! Love you each so big, and miss you terribly! mops