Sunday, July 13, 2008

Peter Piper Picked...

I have nine minutes to kill while I wait for my peach crisp to come out of the oven, so I thought I'd do a quick update and throw a few pictures up on the ole blog.

We've had a very low key, relaxing weekend this weekend. We kicked it off with a trip to Pepper Place early Saturday morning. Michael brought the cash and camera, I steered the stroller, and Phoebe delighted in the abundance of dogs at the Saturday market. I was also delighted to run into a few people we knew, including an old friend that I hadn't seen since college. After a sweep through the market to see what we wanted to purchase, we filled our bag with a bounty of delicious fruits (peaches) and vegetables (zucchini, corn, and heirloom tomatoes). Although some of the prices did seem a little steep (my tomatoes were $5 a pound), it felt good to buy local and organic. And everything has tasted so obnoxiously good.

We've thoroughly enjoyed our purchases so far, and it has inspired some extra kitchen time. We had a good old fashioned chicken and veggie dinner tonight, and the peaches have been great for eating. We'll find out how ridiculous this peach crisp is in a few minutes... but I've yet to try a Pioneer Woman recipe that I don't like. I also made a purple tomato and peach salsa yesterday that is both mild and acidic. And really. Do I need a reason to eat more salsa?

Anyway, I'm planning on making some zucchini bread tomorrow. Some leftover veggies may also make an appearance on pizza tomorrow night. The goal is to get rid of it all before we head out of town on Thursday.

And now... the crisp is done. Which means my time here is done. Eat your veggies, friends!


Lauren said...

Oh that sounds so delicious. I just saw your picture and can't even tell you're pregnant so I will lay off the extra snacks and pray for a baby with an appropriately sized head

j&bH said...

My mom and pops love shopping at pepper good are the heirloom tomatoes?????


Anonymous said...

Love these pictures!! Sure would have enjoyed sittin' at your table for the delicious veggies and the crisp...yummmmm! I think I'll go buy me an heirloom tomato for a sandwich today...big, big love to my sweet, sweet thomases! mops

The Pink Potpourri said...

what a great post! i loved the pictures. the veggies look delicious and i think i might have to make a cobbler tonight now that the idea is in my head :) have a great week!