Thursday, June 12, 2008


Well, just when we thought we were out of the woods... the mystery illness strikes again. Last night, Michael said his throat was starting to feel a little scratchy; I tossed him a miracle Mucinex, since we had plenty left over. He was feeling better by the time we went to bed. Success!

Or not, since at 2am he woke up with a fever. He is now battling said fever with the Tylenol/Advil cycle, chicken and rice soup, and Gatorade. From the bed.

Since Phoebe doesn't like to see one of her parents suffering alone, she decided to join Daddy in the ranks of the sick. She was running a low grade temp last night that I (wrongly) attributed to teething. Her fever was 101 when she got up this morning, and by 10:00 it was 102.5. Even with Tylenol, it's hovering around the 101 range.

She seems to be worse off this time, actually. This weekend, she would still have spurts of playtime; today, she just wants to sleep or be held. She actually signed "please" to get into the crib...and I'm sure that will never happen again! We did go back to the doctor this morning since they had some inconclusive results on one of her tests from Monday. We're not sure if this is the same bug back with a vengeance, or just a new bug that is cropping up.

Fortunately, I am well for this round of sickness! Please pray that I stay that way, and that everyone heals quickly!

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The Sinks said...

Hey Sarah, thanks for your latest comment on our blog. I love checking in on you guys too, and am so sorry to hear about your battles with sickness recently. I know how you feel...we went through that for several months, pretty much my whole first trimester, plus some. And it still never fails...whenever we have plans to get together with out of town friends (with other babies), Kathryn gets sick. She becomes the "unclean" one that everyone wants their kid to avoid! I hope you are all better and healthy soon!!