Friday, June 13, 2008

Sadly, No Picture

Phoebe was less than enthusiastic about taking a nap this morning. She thinks she's invincible when she's sick, and especially invincible if she's had a little Tylenol to lower her fever a bit. Rest? Nah. She'd rather be playing!

Because Michael is home recovering (he's feeling better today, but not great), he informed me that we would be allowing Miss Sick to cry herself to sleep -- she needed a nap, whether she liked it or not. But after an hour and a half of playing the nap game, we got a little frustrated.

I thought Michael was going in to bring her out, so we could just feed her lunch and put her down a little bit later. But things got quiet for a while.

So I peeked in the room, expecting to see Phoebe in arms, in the chair -- both of them asleep. Instead, I saw Michael's flip flops on the floor and no sign of either of them.

Until I looked in the crib, where they were cuddled up.

Edited to Add:
Michael felt like I needed to clarify. The "Daddy-in-the-crib" did NOT result in a napping baby; just cuddles. And then giggles. There is no picture, because our camera battery is dead. I did, however, snap one on the phone of them STUCK in the crib, needing Mommy to rescue them. If Michael feels up to showing me how to transfer it later, I will put it up.
Also, yes. Michael really was in the crib. For like, twenty minutes.


Carolynn said...

Just to be clear. Michael was IN the crib?!? I think a reinactment is needed in this case. I picture is a MUST!!

Carolynn said...

"A picture is a must!!", is what I meant to say.