Sunday, June 15, 2008

Guest Blogger, Phoebe Kate

Dear Daddy,

Today is Father's Day, which means we get to celebrate you today! You know how special I think you are. (Don't tell Mommy, but I'm pretty sure that you're my favorite -- except for Jake, of course.) I thought that I would tell you some of the things I love about you.

We have SO much fun together! You really know how to play, and I'm always so tired after playing with you. You know all of my tickle spots, and you have no problem making me laugh! I especially love it when you hoist me onto your shoulders, or when you scoop me into the "Daddy swing". You also taught me how to splash in the bath, which is fun any night of the week. I'm even getting good at showing you my food, just like you do to me! It is really wonderful when Daddy is home.

You also teach me so much! You were the one who taught me how to kiss my toys "bye-bye" and put them away. You are also teaching me everything you know about dogs -- my favorite subject! (I imagine you might have to learn more, fast, though!) When I crawl up into your lap, you tell me all kinds of interesting things. I can tell you are really interested in me, too! Most importantly, you're teaching me about Jesus. Just this month, I'm really learning how to pray -- thank you for teaching me how to bow my head and fold my hands!

I never have to wonder if you love me, Daddy. You tell me all the time. You kiss me and hug me and squeeze me every single chance you get. Mommy also says that when you discipline me, you're showing me your love, too. Everything you do with me shows me that you love me!

I think you are the best Daddy in the whole world. I can't wait for Nora to meet you, too! She will have as much fun loving you as I do.

I love you so much!

Your Phoebs


Anonymous said...

No one can take the place of a daddy's love...praise our "Abba" up above! Happy, joyful, blessed day, dearest M.J., as you celebrate with your precious girls...big, big loves from mops and pops!

Anonymous said...

Phoebe! You are so sweet! And articulate!