Monday, February 22, 2010

Snuggle Bug

When she was small, Phoebe just wasn't much of a snuggler. She was on the go, all the time. She crawled early and was into everything. The only time she'd tolerate being held was when she took a bottle at bedtime, and even then she was a bit of a wiggler.

Even now, Phoebe loves to move. (What almost-three-year-old doesn't?) Walking through the grocery store today, Phoebe was almost incapable of walking in a straight line. She had to twirl down the aisles. Singing. And doing hand-motions. Honestly, it's remarkable that she didn't knock over a display, now that I think about it.

As Phoebe's gotten older, she's started to enjoy snuggling much more. Story time is a favorite time for snuggles, as is any time we're watching a movie. She also might be the cutest little bug ever when she snuggles up in her towel after a bath. After all those months of not snuggling, it's now such a delight to get to snuggle up with her!

The other night, she folded herself up into my lap and wanted me to sing to her before bed. (Our typical bedtime songs are a little lively, almost always including hand motions.) Afterwards, she looked up at me with those big brown eyes and said, "Mommy? You want to seep wif me tonight? Pees?" After I hemmed and hawed for a minute, Michael encouraged me to take a little snuggle time with her and have a slumber party in the guest bedroom. So we did!

Although it wasn't the best night's sleep I'd ever gotten, it was so much fun to snuggle up next to that sweet little lovebug. She squished me over to a sliver of the bed, but there's hardly a cuter little critter to have been squished by!

The best part was our early morning chat. Michael brought us hot chocolate (for me) and chocolate milk (for her), and we were able to snuggle and talk for a good half hour or so before Nora woke up. It was a precious, memorable time -- and I'm so glad we were able to have our little slumber party together before Ruthie arrives!


Ann said...

Oh, dear Sarah,your post take me back 29 years ago...and it is a blessing to my heart... speck so. It was just last week that I had my own little snuggle bugs and slumber parties...with one eye on the life changing clock that will tick soon enough with a new little sweetness. You're in our prayers and your thoughts and memories are touching my heart...cherished treasures...yes they are. God Bless and hugs and loves to you and yours...from the snowy land of Indy, Love ya bunches, Ann

Jenny said...

this post makes me a little a good way. i am so proud of you & your family. what a blessing. i can only hope to have stories of my own like this someday. i feel privileged to wear my title of "aunt fave" and i look forward to many, many more years to come. :)

Kelly said...

what precious time!!!! How wonderful to have those special moments!!!! Now you will have 3 girls to share those times with!!! Now, I may be a little bias, but I think 3 girls are pretty great ;D