Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Little Mommies

One afternoon last week, our living room became a full-on Mommy Training Center. We pulled out all of the baby dolls, play bottles, blankies, strollers....everything. We had such a delightful time playing together, and I was really impressed at how well both girls cared for their babies.

Nora felt like the first order of business needed to be a walk. And a bottle. At the same time.
Phoebe wasn't ready to play Mommy until she was adequately dressed. (Don't they say that stay-at-home moms should dress nicely in order to be more effective and productive?)
Nora might need a few lessons on appropriate baby carrying, but she certainly knows what the nay-nay is for.

Phoebe promptly tucked her baby in to bed, but was standing by in case the baby cried.
But both girls know... we have to "shh!" when the babies are sleeping!

As I snapped pictures of them happily pretending away, I couldn't help but get a little excited about the real live baby doll that's going to join them in just a few short weeks. I have a feeling I'm going to have some very eager helpers when Ruthie joins her sisters!


Jenny said...

this definitely made my heart smile... mom says when laura was on her way & then a bitty baby i would put pillows under my shirt & carry around my baby...then i would breast-feed & change diapers, etc. :)

i love that the girls are so excited & i just know ruthie will bring infinite blessings to your cozy little home.

love you!
mare (fave)

Kelly said...

this is just too sweet!!! what great practice! I can't remember if I commented or not, but I really liked the blanket time tutorial! OH, the things I haven't thought of!!!! Could you please come up here and give me a crash course on this whole Baby 101 thing?!! I need help! :D I can't wait to meet Miss Ruthie!!!

whippetmom said...

:) So sweet! So is Ruth(ie)? her name? Love it! You always pick out the best names!!

Allison said...

So sweet! What a great experience for your little girls to learn how to be "mommies." I just love "Ruthie"! If/when we have another girl, her middle name will be Ruth. Just love these little snippets of your precious family!