Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Brain Dead

I have officially reached the point in pregnancy where I have exactly zero brain cells left. Little Ruthie is going to be pretty smart, because I'm certain she has absorbed what remained of my intelligence along with my energy and my food. Y'all, you forget. I sat down the other night to write (because we've certainly had a lot going on!) and I was able to hammer out approximately two sentences before throwing in the towel.

I've also hesitated to write because, in spite of the fun, we've had a trying week or so. Almost-three-year-olds are testing boundaries, toddlers are cutting teeth and catching colds, Daddies are working extremely hard, and Mommies are just about spent around here. And in the midst of it, there's so much beauty... but if I can't bring myself to write about the redemption in the midst of our stories, I just don't want to write. Honestly, this isn't a place where I want to gripe.

In the past week, we've had unbelievable fun: tents, snow, homemade muffins, carousel rides, "Lovingtimes" Day... and I'm hoping to record some of that in the next few days. That is, if a Little Sister doesn't decide to make her debut, first! (We're 37 1/2 weeks, and she's made it VERY clear that she's coming out soon... either on her own, or with an eviction in just a couple of weeks!)

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Kendall and Luke said...

keep persevering!! the Lord has equipped you for this moment and although there is alot going on, He is faith. Our Shepherd will supply our needs and all glory to Him for that! We can't wait to meet little Ruthie! Tell your sweet girls i said hi! we love yall so much and are praying for a safe delivery and healthy baby and mom! did i mention how much you are loved by our small little family?!!