Thursday, February 4, 2010

Well That Was Fun

Yesterday morning, I found myself wide awake at 4am. This actually wasn't all that new...I'd been waking at 4 for the past few days, and then finally falling back asleep at 5 for another hour or so. Yesterday I was exceedingly uncomfortable, so I finally dragged myself out of bed.

And then I realized that I felt pretty bad.

I'll omit the juicy details here, but let's just say I spent most of the day yesterday feeling miserable. A really, really rotten stomach bug took up residence in my body for the day. Even little sips of water upset my stomach. I spent a good chunk of the morning talking with nurses at my OB, because evidently it's not good to go on a 24-hour fast from both food and water when you're 36 weeks pregnant.

After a double-dose of phenergen knocked me out and kept some sickness at bay, we were able to avoid what we were told was a near-certain trip to L&D for fluids and medication. And although I'm sure I'd feel a whole lot better today had I gotten some IV fluids, I'm thankful we were able to avoid that little adventure. The game plan for today is rehydration.

I'm particularly thankful that we have local grandparents. The girls were actually spending the night at Michael's mom and dad's house on Tuesday night, and they graciously rearranged their Wednesday schedule to keep them for another day and night, in case I needed to go to the hospital. They're headed back home shortly, and the house has been thoroughly Lysol-ed. We're also so thankful for all the local friends that have offered help and prayers right now. It's amazing how little viruses become a big deal when you're a few weeks away from having a baby! Right now, we're just planning to take a few days and get back to normal.

So that was fun. But I'm ready to rest up for the real fun, which hopefully won't start for another couple of weeks!


whippetmom said...

Glad you're feeling better! I pray that you guys get so much needed rest before the REAL fun begins!!

Ann said...

36 weeks! My, where DID the time go? So sorry our Sarah is under the weather...praying for continued strength and improvement and angels to protect the rest of the fam from the bug a boo.

Would love to see a picture of you before you have that itty bitty. I know you look wonderful ...but you know how Kel and I are crazy crazys about the pregnant belly!

Still praying for your fam. Love you bunches and bunches. Hugs and Kisses from the Indy crowd out the resort...and MrStev in frozen Canada! He comes home on a new snow storm! :D