Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A Very Pink Birthday

For whatever reason, Phoebe is totally into the pink right now. Unless she's into blue. (She has a very hard time deciding between pink and blue. Go figure.) Anyway, I knew I wasn't going to go crazy for Phoebe's birthday, but what I did know is that there would be pink.

Our gift for Phoebe was a pink (and white) kitchen that, already, I'm thrilled we got. We wanted to wait to give her a play kitchen until she'd really love it... and, well, she loves it. (She's particularly into the hot dogs from the play food? Why?) We had hot dog tea with our breakfast today. Nice.

Our menu for the day was a little more refined than hot dog tea, of course. I planned an (easy) feast of a nugget tray, fruit, and strawberry salad. Michael's mom indulged my own personal craving for her potato salad, and brought that, too. Hello, easy!

And of course, the cake was pink. Phoebe is still talking about making the pink cake -- I think that was more fun for her than eating it! Every time I bring out vanilla for something, she remembers that we used it in the icing. And today, we did a fun little activity with pink water that required food coloring... and she totally remembered that from the cake baking, too. I have a feeling we'll be hearing about the pink cake for a long time.

Speaking of cake, Phoebe was very dainty with it. Last year, she went all in. This year, I couldn't wipe her fingers fast enough! She was determined to eat it with a spoon, which for some reason was difficult for her. Either way, she enjoyed her sugar rush!

The grandparents doted on our girl with all kinds of sweet gifts, too. I think some of the highlights were her tea set (unbreakable, hallelujah... and why we had hot dog tea today), some new pink cowboy boots, and her Memory game -- but really, she loved everything. We are so blessed to have family that loves our girls so big!

Nora partied hard, too...and in fact, partied herself right into a virus. Her temperature spiked during the party, and finally came down Monday night. Our littlest is still having some residual stomach pain at night, which is no fun. But she loved the excitement of her big sister's birthday.

We really had a wonderful, wonderful time... and I still can't believe Phoebe is TWO! Already, it's terrific... what a great way to kick off her third year!


Andy and Kelly said...

aaahhh! Her party looks so fun!! Seeing that little kitchen brought back memories of allison, kendall, and i playing together in the basement!!! oh the fun those girls will have with that little set up, and all the hot dog tea parties you will have over the years!!! Your girls are so sweet. I love the pink, and can't believe you have a 2 year old!

The Pink Potpourri said...

what a fun birthday party! that little pink kitchen is awesome, and a tea set to go with it? what little 2 year old wouldn't be in toy heaven? Your pink cake is incredible!