Thursday, March 12, 2009

Carbs with a Side of Dirt, Please

Phoebe spent the day with Nan and Boompah yesterday while I got a few things checked off the to do list. I missed her terribly, and was anxious to pick her up and bring her home after her nap.
Now that she's talking, I can actually ask her about her day...and she can tell me! She loves to play with the garage sale kitchen Nan has upstairs, so I asked her if she cooked anything. This was our conversation:

Me: Phoebe, did you cook anything today?

Phoebe: Yes. Cook!

Me: What did you cook today?

Phoebe: Rice

Me: Did you cook anything else?

Phoebe: Dirt.

Me: Oooh, did you eat anything with your dirt to make it taste better?

Phoebe: Noo-nles (Noodles)! All gone!

Clearly we need to expand this child's cooking repertoire. And also, I might need to supervise her in the kitchen for just a litle longer.


The Pink Potpourri said...

yum, dirt and noodles :) i'll have to try that one!

whippetmom said...

Sounds good to Gavin...dirt is always good ;) I love reading her sweet conversations with you and can't believe she's having a birthday this weekend!! :)

Jon said...

Dirt noodles are my favorite food. You guys can cook for me anytime!