Sunday, March 29, 2009

Moving On Up

When we moved Phoebe's new bed into her room, we went ahead and moved Nora into Phoebe's old crib. Phoebe loves to have Nora in the room with her, so we figured there was no point in waiting to make the move.

Unfortunately, Nora still has to do a little fussing at night in order to settle on in. We told Phoebe that Nora might be sad for a little while, but that she (Phoebe) needed to still stay put. True to form, Nora had some difficulty settling down tonight. After a few minutes, Michael went in to check on Nora.

He found Nora's leg stuck in the crib slats and Phoebe singing softly to herself in her bed. When Michael got Nora out of the crib to make sure she didn't have any trapped gas, he sat in the chair between the beds. When he started to pat Nora's back, Phoebe started to pat her own leg. (She thought this was hilarious, by the way.) Eventually, Nora got back in the bed and Phoebe settled back down.

It isn't really a slumber party if there aren't some giggles, right?

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Alicia said...

awwww, how sweet! I hope I get two little girls. blog moved if I haven't told you. It's emersonfamilyfun.blogspot.come

I hope everyone gets better!