Monday, March 9, 2009

Nora's Five Month Day

Somehow, Nora is already five months old. But don't get me started on time flying by, because someone has a birthday this weekend, and I can hardly even think about how big that someone already is. But this is not that someone's post.

This little someone is a sweet little five month old today! Really!

Yesterday, Nora was the lone ranger in the bed babies class while Michael and I taught Sunday School. The ladies remarked on how happy this little girl is. And really, she is that happy! Nora usually wakes up talking and smiling, and she generally doesn't get sad unless she's tired or hungry. She would be spoiled rotten if she was an only child. I have so much fun with Nora, and I'm so thankful that she is generally thrilled to just tag along with our typical antics. (Don't worry, she gets plenty of one-on-one time, too!)

The second half of this past month has been better than the first. Lately, Nora has been following a fairly predictable schedule (and oh, how I hesitate to even mention it, because as soon as I do it will change) for eating and sleeping. Nighttime sleep has also been better. I seriously think it has to do with the cereal she's finally decided to eat -- think what you will. However, Nora has gotten so long (tall) that she's bursting out of her swaddle blankets. Therefore, we're probably going to be kicking it to the curb in the next couple of weeks...which means we will probably no longer be predictable for a little while!

So that I can remember, here's Nora's "typical" day:
7:00 Wake up, eat 4-5 oz + 1 Tablespoon of cereal
9:00 Nap, lasts anywhere from 1 - 2 hours. (She naps longer if we're at home.)
11:00 Eats 4-5 oz + 1 T cereal
12:45 Nap (this is usually her best nap, lasting up to 2 1/2 hours, especially if she had a shorter morning nap)
3:00 Eats 4-5 oz + 1 T cereal
4:45 Nap (about 45 minutes)
6:30 Eats 4 oz
7:30 In bed, usually fusses about 5-10 minutes (but can fuss much longer) before falling asleep (Nora has been doing this weird wakeup thing about an hour after she goes down, and it's hit or miss whether or not she'll go immediately back to sleep. She does stay in the crib, but this is by far the most frustrating part of her day for us.)
10:00 Eats 4 oz

This month, Nora has really begun to blossom. Here are some of the things that Nora has been doing lately:
  • Can roll over from front to back and from back to front, but does not roll over often. She worked really hard at learning to do it, but once she did it... I think I've seen her roll twice since then. Go figure!
  • She's starting to eat cereal, and it's starting to end up more in her than on her. Really! Nora prefers a more thickly textured food, much like her sister did.
  • Nora is losing her hair. All of it. Born with lots of dark hair, her new hair (which is now visible) is blond. This means that we're finding her hair everywhere she goes. Her sweet little bed is covered with spots where her hair has rubbed out. As of right now, she has one little spot on the right side of her head and one tuft on top that have yet to fall out.
  • She's starting to be much more focused on things: feet, toys, her paci, etc. I can tell that she's really starting to take notice of the world around her, and she loves it! I've mentioned before that she loves her feet. She also loves to take out her paci and examine it, and she's gotten really good at holding and manipulating toys. Nora does get frustrated a little when she loses a toy that she's not yet ready to be done with. Another thing she loves to focus on is her sister -- especially her sister's clothes!
  • Nora loves to be tickled, especially by her own hands. She thinks this is hilarious.

Nora brings us so much delight; she makes me want to have about ten more babies just like her! Happy Five Month Day, Nora!


The Pink Potpourri said...

happy five month, nora! she is absoutely adorable!

Lauren Limón said...

soooooo sweet. seems to smile all the time too.

p.s. the tickers at the bottom of your blog are both in need of a reset!

Daniel and Kimberly Jordan said...

We miss you guys and the happenings in your life.

Erin said...

So adorable! They growup so fast! Sounds like our girls are doing a lot of the same things!