Monday, December 31, 2007

I Should Be Doing Other Things

The entire contents of my refrigerator are on the counter. I've been windexing and sudsing its various components when Phoebe awoke from her nap. This is fairly normal for her about forty-five minutes in... she's startled, needs a hug to settle down, and then is back out for another hour or so.

Well, my attempt to soothe her was unsuccessful. Enter the gallant Daddy. He often works when I don't. I have no shame in admitting that she is a Daddy's girl, even at a young age.

This is the scene that I stumbled upon a few minutes ago, wondering if everyone was okay -- since Michael had not returned to his perch on the couch, and yet there was no noise coming from Phoebe's room...Looks like Daddy said, "Watch me!" And all were resting peacefully.


Anonymous said...

sweet as pie, indeed....such precious memories for the thomas family...such a blessing to capture special moments. big big love to our little pelham family...mops

Mrs. Olsen said...

Cute! Daddies are good helpers, huh? :)