Monday, December 10, 2007

Where's Sarah?

I'm not even going to attempt to blog about the last two weeks. Honestly, I have no idea what we've even done in the past two weeks! I did finally get over Hand, Foot, and Mouth disease... and so did Phoebs, and we're all finally healthy, at least for the time being -- Praise the Lord! Phoebe even appears to be turning the corner with her wonky nighttime sleep, which perhaps require even greater, louder praises. (We slept all the way through last night for the first time in at least a month... WOW!)
Then last Tuesday, Mom came and got Phoebe and me, and we travelled North for an extended visit. My parents graciously offered to purchase me a new pair of glasses, so the eye appointment was the "excuse" for the visit (not that we needed an excuse!), but my sweet, sweet husband allowed us to stay for fun girl time with Mops and Pops. We did miss "Daddy", though -- so he came up Friday night after a very busy week at work. I think he probably enjoyed the ability to work extra hard, as he's been trying to wrap up a project for a VIP. :) Anyway, we had originally planned on going back home on Sunday, but Michael has a meeting up here tomorrow morning, so we decided to extend the visit. Hooray! It has been so wonderful to have fun up here, but I think it'll be nice to wrap up preparations for Christmas and get back into a routine before Christmas! (Only 15 days away!)
We are extremely excited about going to see Andrew Peterson tomorrow night in concert with a bunch of friends, and this week promises fun and festivities for the season. It's difficult to get into the Christmas spirit with 80 degree weather, but I think these parties will be just the ticket!
Anyway, it's high time I get busy folding up some laundry and getting us ready to head home... but when I realized that it had been almost two weeks since I'd last blogged, I figured I'd do a quick update!
More to come!

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