Friday, November 9, 2007

You Give Me Fever

Let me just start off by saying that I feel awful. No, not sick. But really terrible that I got so frustrated about middle-of-the-night wakings. But, if this is a journal, I'm not doing it to please everybody else... so... I suppose a little honesty is okay now and again.

Shortly after blogging yesterday, I went on to clean the bathroom (it now sparkles, thank you) and take a shower. Immediately after showering, Phoebs woke up early from her nap. (Not unusual these past few days...) I gave her a few minutes in there to grunt and squirm, because often she'll go back to sleep. Except yesterday, she started wailing. We're talking red-faced, big-girl-tears, make-mommy-cry-too stuff. And when I picked her up, she was hot.

And the fever began.

At this point I realize that Phoebe is textbook teething. I mean, you name it, she's got the symptom. But gut told me that something else was going on, so I took her on in to see Dr. B. While Phoebe was distracted by her little lion, Dr. B proceeded to check everything... and all looked normal. No ear infection, sore throat evidence, etc. But they went ahead and took some blood (poor Phoebe liked this even less than getting a stick jammed in her throat) to check for infection.

Wonder of wonders, I'm not losing my mind... she's got some kind of icky virus. So bless her heart, she feels terrible and didn't sleep good again last night. At 4:30 we woke up burning up with fever again (101), took some Motrin and a bottle, and rocked back to sleep. I've been downing the coffee ever since.

Precious little angel just wants to doze, cuddle, and eat...

I don't blame her. I imagine we'll have lots of good couch time today... since neither of us slept last night. But since you read this far, I shall reward you with a picture of healthy Phoebe and some notes about her new tricks:
  • Phoebs is now crawling. That's right, kids. Crawling. I decided it was official when she made her way from her bedroom to mine of her own accord. That's big girl stuff!
  • She is also pulling up. Sort of. She has only done a pull-to-standing in her crib, but she'll pull to her knees on her toy chest and baskets in her room. WOW!
  • It's 7:06 and she's asleep. Now, we were up at 5:30... but hey... it's the first time all week I can say that she's been asleep at 7:06! YAY! (I'm hoping the fever's gone and we're feeling better, too)
Have a blessed day today... we're still deciding if we should make the journey north to visit with Aunt Fave and Uncle Gus... we'll see!


Anonymous said...

As I read about my precious granddaughter, I have visions of my daughter...glassy eyes, red lips, flushed cheeks, desiring to simply cuddle and be at peace while the germs work their way out of her tiny body...yes, indeed, a couch day for sure. Praying for you both as you rest and recover that restoration is, love, big love from mops

Tara Smith said...

Hey Sarah this is Tara Smith - Andy & Kelly's Sister-in-law. I got the link to your blog from Kelly's xanga site. Anyway, our oldest is ALWAYS sick in fact this week she had tubes but in her ears. She runs fever constantly and what we do (which I am sure you are already aware of) is alternate tylenol and motrin every 4 hours. Yes - we even set our alarm and wake up to give it to her during the night. We are lucky because she can sleep through anything! But this is the only way we can prevent it from spiking up really high!

Tara Smith said...

Oh, and if it makes you feel any better Mallory has not adjusted to the time change either! She has been up at 6:00am instead of 7:00am everyday this week!!!

j&bH said...

so sad you didn't make the trip, but i'm sure it was the right decision. i miss you and love you!

call me sometime soon...
kiss the Bean for me...
LOVE, mare (fave)