Friday, November 16, 2007


Well, we're in the middle of a family get together in New Hampshire... and man, are we having a blast. But it's so stinkin' cold! Us southerners are all bundled up in ten layers, while our cousins are running around without a jacket. We're swallowing our pride to stay warm, but we're definitely enjoying our time with family. Phoebe is also playing like a big girl with her cousin John, who is two, and sharing all of his toys like such a big boy.

And of course we're eating. Wow, are we eating. In case you didn't know, that's how we Italians roll.

Phoebe was, by the way, a champ on the flight up here... but we're about to watch Elf and do some more family type things. And probably eat some more! (HA!)

Coming soon: Phoebe's 8 Month Day celebration, frequent flier miles, and even more!


Carolynn said...

Is little Phoebs up on her knees playing with her cousin like a big girl?!? Happy belated 8 Monthday! We're glad you made it up there safely and enjoyed the flight. Happy eating, we miss y'all!

Bronx Maestra said...

I *just* saw your comment on my blog. That's so funny. I had a similar dream about being in class with Jeanie Powell's boyfriend (who I have also never met). I think the internet plays tricks on us.

I'll be changing my blog address soon since you can google my name and find my "secret" blog. I will be posting more then too

Also, I met your dad once last year. Did I ever tell you about that?

j&bH said...

no wonder i can't get in touch with you!! call me when you get home, we have some catching up to do.

love and miss you.
give my love to the fam.
mare (fave)