Friday, November 2, 2007

Tricks and Treats

Wow... so I keep getting these great ideas for posts, and then never doing them. Why? Who knows! So I've decided I'm going to do a boring, "what have we been up to" post... and then I'll feel caught up and can blog again. It's just been a really vicious cycle!

We went to the beach for a week with my mom and dad, which was a wonderful break from reality. We also were able to celebrate my birthday (the big 2-4). Since the beach was my gift from the folks, we had fun opening dollar store "funsies" -- including a whoopie cushion. When we returned home, Michael had birthday elves bring in a beautiful end table, lamp, and throw pillows for my birthday. We also continued the celebrating with Michael's mom and dad with a wonderful dinner and another gorgeous lamp!

All last week was kind of a blur... I'm really not sure I can tell you what all I did? I do know that we spent a lot of last week trying to get back into a routine!

Then on the weekend, we had Phoebe baptized at our church. It was a beautiful, tender reminder of God's grace. We do unreservedly dedicate Phoebe Kate to God! We then had the grandparents over to our house for a delicious brunch, and Phoebe entertained all of us as she chowed down on cantaloupe bits. We all took some naps, and then prepared for the trunk or treat at church!

Phoebs and all of her friends had fun dressing up in costume, and the grown ups enjoyed hamburgers, hot dogs, and fellowship. Michael was a fabulous grill master, and the weather was absolutely perfect. We had such a good time with our precious LIFE group!

It's hard to believe that this week is already almost over... but it was punctuated by Halloween, and we sure did have some tricks and treats that day! Phoebe showed off some new tricks: she is now pulling up (only in her crib, so far), and greeted me after her nap by STANDING UP and smiling over the rail. (I do not yet have a picture of this!) She is also beginning to get closer to crawling... she is a speedy little inchworm, and can go about three "crawl steps" before flopping. We were also treated to surprise dinner with the Jordans, who we love! We had such a good time hanging out. Phoebe totally did not go trick or treating, because really... did we need more candy?

And now... well, Phoebs and I are going to run errands in a few... and then tonight we'll be taking pictures of Callahan! We'll also be headed to Saban Bowl tomorrow, so ROLL TIDE!


j&bH said...

golly moses, you have been busy! i hate that we missed the baptism of our little bean! bummer-ama

i miss you and as of right now we have NO plans for next saturday...i'm putting you on the calendar!!! we'll work out the details later.

today we had our big rival football game (we WON!!!) and i had to work the gate so i stayed in my room until it was time to head over and we didn't get home until just a bit ago...loooong but good day.

anywho, loveyou, call me
mare (fave)

Anonymous said...

what a good "catch-up" entry!!! brief, but complete! the pictures speak a "1,000" words...I miss Aunt Fave and Uncle Gus, too :-( maybe we will get to see them next week, too? Love, love, love...roll tide! LSU just intercepted and scored...yuck!
But it's early! :-)