Saturday, September 8, 2007


We may not be at the game, but we sure do know how to roll! Phoebe loves supporting her crimsom men, and especially thinks that Baby Alice her elephant is super cute. However, she's tuckered out from cheering and started her nap at the half.

I love how we try to duplicate the stadium when we're at home... drinking out of houndstooth cups, steaming up some hotdogs with sauce, golden flake chips...

Drown 'em Tide!

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j&bH said...

i'm diggin the dress!
i still miss you...i'm determined to catch when you really have time to talk so i can feel like i've had some sa-sa time! mommy's are so busy!! :)

i love you & i can't wait to see you and the bean this week...even for just a second! i LOVE it when you are in town!

talk to you soon...
mare (fave)