Monday, September 3, 2007

Party Like it's 1969

That's right... she's a cutie. Rhiannon brought Phoebe a little prize last night when they came over...and it was this brightly colored, tie-dyed t-shirt! Michael's old friend from high school has found himself a lovely lady, and he was bringing her around to meet the old crew. Although I wasn't a part of the original crew, I've married myself into it... so I got to meet Elizabeth, too! She was a delight -- way to go, Andy!

Anyway, we went out for Mexican last night, and Phoebe put herself to sleep in the middle of the party (no surprise), but then when we got in the car, she decided her nap was over. At 8:30. Seriously. She stayed up, happy as a lark, until 10, when I made her hit it. (I was about to let her cry it out with a housefull of company.) Bless her heart, I think she just wanted to stay up and party. She was happy, too -- not that awful, cranky, tired whiney that she gets when she's up but really would rather be in bed. She tried to pull the same stunt tonight at 7:15, but my sweetheart got her to settle back down. We've got to get bedtime back in order! She's in the process of stretching her meals to "grown-up" mealtimes (just 3 meals a day, plus one a little later in the evening... her supper is at 4ish). And she's ready to drop her third nap (and does most days), but it makes getting her to make it to bedtime pretty tough. I'm sure we'll get through it!

On our Labor Day today, I did everything but labor it seems. I woke up in a funk and still kind of feel funky...except I'm almost positive that I'm coming down with something. I feel, in general, out of it. And extremely tired and achey. I'm hoping it's just a one-day thing! Michael was fabulous and did all of the chores I was really supposed to do, and I think our kitchen floors are cleaner than they've ever been. Thank you, honey, for being so gracious with me! I did venture out for a Hobby Lobby trip and a grocery run, and we made the requisite burgers and tater tots in honor of his day off. My chief 0accomplishment for the day? Finishing The Time Traveler's Wife. So good!

Anyway, I'm pooped. Goodnight!

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Becca said...

She looks like a cutie!

Thanks for stalking my blog :)