Thursday, September 20, 2007

Out of It

It sounded like fun this morning to go shopping. Fallish weather, a morning coffee from Panera, a stroller, and no real purpose. Sounds perfect, right? Okay, I'm starting to see why moms buy online
only. Just the in-and-out-of-the-car routine was enough to wear me out! Add a dirty diaper and a price adjustment fiasco... well, it's enough for me to want to pay shipping charges! Truly, it wasn't that bad... I got a few great finds (love end of the season sales) including a top for 5 bucks. And some khakis, which are part of my "look pretty, feel pretty" plan for fall. {I'll have to blog about this later!} Anyway, I enjoyed the shopping but it wore me out. So since I've been home, let's see... well, it's been four hours... I have:
  • fed the baby
  • played airplane with the baby
  • played on the floor with my big girl baby, who sat up to play
  • watched season 2 episodes of top chef
  • surfed the internet
  • drank a diet dr. pepper
It looks so accomplished when it's in list form! Anyway, the above picture is one I took yesterday of the aforementioned big girl. Who is now officially sitting up. Like a big girl. Michael's are much better, so I'll post one here too!


Michael Thomas said...

The kid has style! There's no use in denying what is plain and obvious to everyone.

Mrs. Olsen said...

She's so cute! I think my daily lists are much like yours... It takes so long to feed, bathe (sometimes), and clothe both of us! Not to mention burping and diapers!