Monday, September 17, 2007

Never a Dull Moment

My faithful readers know that we take a picture every month on the 14th, to celebrate Phoebe's "Month Day". I've already blogged about Phoebe's six month, so I won't go into great detail... but as you can see, this month's picture was a little more exciting than usual!

Here's the story: every month, I get a mini strawberry bundt cake from Edgar's. (Please. You think I'm going to bake just to have a tiny little cake? So worth the 2.50.) We stick a candle in it, put the camera on a timer, and go. Well, Edgar's was out of the strawberry bundt on Friday, so I decided to settle for a slice of their oh-so-delicious strawberry cream cake. We didn't get around to taking the picture until Saturday morning (hence the Bama gear), and Phoebe was feeling quite adventurous. For the first time, she decided to "get into" her cake! It's hard to see, but she has icing on both hands, and Jake is also trying to get into the fun. (My pediatrician would freak, but we totally let her taste it, just for a second.) Note the look of panic on my face and the look of total delight on Michael's. Okay, it was really funny... I'm so glad my mom was around to photograph rather than just relying on a timer! (I also pretended to be Phoebe, eating the cake off my fingers.)

We had a blast at the Bama game on Saturday, even if it was a little hectic. And totally nervewracking. My stomach was still in knots when I went to bed at midnight on Saturday night! I was actually the goober in our crowd who insisted we leave after the field goal with just four minutes remaining... we ended up watching the exhilarating final minutes from the spiral roundabout. WOW. People were so excited... in my defense, I really wanted to leave to get an edge on the crowd so that we could get in bed at a decent hour since we had church at eight and had to teach four-year-olds after that. So seriously, I'm not that bad of a fan.

I need to get busy with some things while Phoebs is taking her snooze, but I'll be back later with more pictures!

By the way, Happy Five Month Day, Callahan! We love you!

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