Friday, September 14, 2007


Half a year ago, I was wholly pregnant. People would comment that I did not look like I was nine months pregnant, but looking back... yeah. I was ready to pop. And so ready to meet our Phoebe Kate! I really loved being pregnant and truly can't wait to be pregnant again, but having her here is so much more incredible than I ever could have imagined. On the morning of March 14, I was truly jubilant -- even at 5:30 am -- that I was going to be having a baby!

Six months later, we realize we never could have imagined what being Mommy and Daddy would be like. Phoebe is a tremendous blessing, and such a good baby. I am not exaggerating when I say that it's like Christmas just about every single day with her -- we never know what new thing she'll surprise us with. She has done more changing and growing these past couple of months... her personality is really starting to emerge!

I'll put this in list form to save space, so here goes!

  • She is both very intense and observant (especially in new situations; she is wide-eyed and really seems to focus on everything that is going on) and extremely funny. I think she'll have my intensity and Michael's sense of humor, which would be a great balance!
  • Phoebe is very content and flexible, and she brings delight to all those in her presence (praise the Lord!)
  • She is an enthusiastic eater, willing to try new foods (disliking only parsnips and spinach so far!), but not a big eater... I suppose her appetite fits her petite frame!
  • She is beginning to nap better... naps have always been a struggle and, although we've always left her in her crib for naptime, she hasn't done well with sleeping for the duration of her nap. We usually can get her to fall asleep again after her 45 minute nap - then wake up. This is a huge blessing!
  • She is still sleeping great at night, with the only occasional nighttime waking, which seldom needs "Mommy intervention"
  • She is trying REALLY hard to sit up, and can do so for about 30 seconds if she's totally undistracted...but the minute she reaches for something, she topples over. (The bumbo seat is about to have to be retired, I'm afraid, since she likes to twist in it to get whatever it is she wants: salt shakers, blankies, placemats, etc.)
  • She is beginning to play with toys, rather than just eat them. (This does not, however, diminish her love for putting anything and everything in her mouth.)
  • She's sitting forward in her stroller and LOVING walks and strolls in the neighborhood and the mall!
  • Phoebe is becoming interested in other babies -- she was especially fond of Jeb Ham (18 months), and kept trying to hold his hand
  • Bathtime is still her favorite time of day -- she LOVES to splash, and we can't wait until she's stable enough to get her in the big tub so that splashing doesn't create a "Wet Floor Hazard Zone" in our kitchen
We praise the Lord every day for his goodness and his graciousness in giving us such a delightful little one! We are praying that in His timing, He will provide her with a little brother or sister soon!

We will be celebrating Phoebe's "Half Birthday" today with Mops and Pops, who will be arriving in town for our trip to T-town tomorrow. Hopefully we'll have our strawberry bundt cake (per tradition) tonight, if the weather lets up. It's a perfectly wonderful Seattle day, and I'm enjoying laundry chores and coffee as long as possible, but I refuse to take her out in the wet if I don't absolutely have to!

Time to reheat the coffee and move the laundry to the dryer... Happy Six Month Day, Phoebe!


Carolynn said...

Time flies doesn't it?!? Have fun at the game! Jim and I get to go to Auburn for the game. Our first this season. My parents are going to keep Callahan. Tell your parents we said howdy! Let's do a mall walk again soon!

j&bH said...

yay! kiss the half-birthday girl from her aunt fave! hate that i didn't get to see you or visit on the me soon, i'm going through withdrawal for real.

love to all my puccis & thomases.
-mare (fave)