Sunday, March 7, 2010


I was so relieved when Tuesday morning finally arrived. As thrilled as I was that we would be meeting Ruthie later that day, I was even more thrilled to know that I did not go into labor at home. Because Nora's delivery was SO fast (less than three hours), I was terrified that labor would begin at home and end...well...on the Interstate. In rush hour. While induced labors are not for everyone, I am so thankful that God graciously allowed us to have a scheduled labor.

What follows is an account of my labor and delivery and, while I plan to keep this completely PG, I know some are uninterested in the details of another woman's birth story. Feel free to skip this if you'd just rather not know.

We arrived at the hospital at 6:00, and we were immediately brought back to our room. We had a delightful nurse - Jennifer - and everyone was ready to get things started. After I changed into a very glamorous hospital gown, we got prepped for my IV. This was the worst part of my delivery with Phoebe...and actually, it was the worst part with Ruthie, too. I'd learned to request lidocaine (ladies... ASK FOR makes a huge difference) before getting the IV, but I evidently did not learn how to not pass out. The lidocaine made the experience pretty much pain-free... but Sissy Sarah blacked out for about ten seconds during the process.

The doctor came in to break my water just as I was starting to come around, so we decided to wave her off for a few minutes. About half an hour later, my primary OB came in and we got things going. I started having some mild, regular contractions. At 7:30, we started the pitocin drip.

Since I was already 3 and thinning when I checked in, I was cleared for an epidural as soon as I started having regular contractions. By 8:15, the anesthesiologist was in my room. Since the IV made me so woozy, we prayed before the procedure and, thankfully, I did not pass out. Things briefly got spotty, but I believe they gave me some epinephrine pretty quickly and I felt better rapidly. Thankfully, the epidural took without issue.

Labor after that was pretty uneventful. I progressed a little more slowly than with Nora, but honestly... Nora's delivery was like a Nascar race. We made our delivery pool, Michael had breakfast, checked some email, watched the snow (yes, snow!) fall... I was thankful for the chance to relax. At 11, my nurse informed me that she was going to take a brief lunch; she felt like we'd be close to ready when she returned.

And we were! At 11:40, we were more than ready to have a baby. The doctor was called, the room was prepped, and I got to lay very still. My doctor was also called to deliver the girl in the room next to me...thankfully, we got to go first. (I don't think Ruthie was willing to wait any longer!) At 12:00, the doctor walked in; at 12:04, Ruthie was born. She couldn't wait to get here!

Ruthie is the biggest of our babies, weighing in at a whopping 6 pounds, 7 ounces and 19.25 inches long. As soon as I saw her, I couldn't believe how much she looked like Phoebe did at birth. We are so tremendously grateful for a healthy and uneventful delivery! God has been so gracious to us in childbirth.

My recovery has been relatively pain-free. After going through a very difficult recovery after Phoebe's delivery, and recovering at Children's with Nora... I'm extremely thankful for a quiet recovery at home. Mops and Pops have been here to help with the transition, and I have no idea how I'll transition to normal life... but I'm thankful that I've got another week before I have to think about that! For now, we're all enjoying the newest little addition to our family!


Lauren Limón said...

You ARE tremendously blessed in labor. WOW! Congratulations on 3 awesome little girls!

Kendall and Luke said...

Praise the Lord! what a blessing and a gift! thank you for sharing your experience with us! When i first saw pictures of her, i too thought she strongly resembled Phoebe when she was born (well, from the pictures that is). I can't imagine the amount of joy you must feel as a mother of 3 sweet girls. there is no doubt that it will be an adjustment but all glory to God for richly blessing your family in this way. our Shephered does provide for our needs!! we are so excited for you and so thankful to follow your family by means of internet!! we love you all so much and are so excited for you!!

Daniel and Kimberly Jordan said...

yay! thanks for the details! i'm one of those crazy ladies who loves birth stories.

i wonder if i may know your nurse. i know a "jennifer" up there--the mom of 2 of my students (twin girls). although i'm sure they may have more than 1 jennifer that works there.

anyways, we're so glad that you are all doing well! we love you!

Kelly said...

Oh, how wonderful...and speedy!!! You make things sound so easy!!! Ok, so what's this Lidocaine stuff. You better believe that as soon as I read this, I whipped out my notes for my next apt, and added it to the list!!! I think the IV part will be the worst for me, but I literally keep saying, "if Sarah can do it, so can i!!!" I'm not kidding! However, since you've now had 3, I'm trusting any advice you give in this area for sure! :D
Enjoy this wonderful time at home, transitioning as a family, and enjoy all of the help of Mops and Pops! Be sure to lock them in on a return date before they leave as well ;) We are thinking about you and praying for you guys!

ann said...

Oh Sarah, Thank you for sharing this L&D story. Praise the Lord for it was uneventful. I must say...I did feel a little woozy my own self when I read about the IV...but you were a trooper! I LOVE LOVE the picture of you and Michael...while still pregnant and I agree with Kendall, Ruthie looks much like big sis at birth! But ironically all are different, unique and precious in His sight. :D
Thank you for being such an encourger to my girlies and sharing your joys and wisdom with are a blessing. Hugs and kisses to mops and pops from the northern mops and pops. Cannot wait to meet your Ruthie and see your beautiful growing big girls! Must plan a play date when life settles for you a bit! Lots of Love to our Thomas/Reppucci clan from the Resort. God Bless oxoxoxoxo

Kristie Truell said...

She is beautiful!!! Congratulations and praise God for an easy and safe delivery. Enjoy this first week getting to know your newest sweetie.