Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Freezing Time

The girls were all freshly bathed, smelling of lavender and berry bubble bath. Everyone was in their clean, warm jammies, and we were all piled up in the big girls' room. I sat with a sleepy Ruthie in the green glider, while Michael and the big girls perched on Phoebe's bed.

Somewhere in the routine of stories and songs and prayers, the girls were bouncing and giggling and wrestling and snuggling. And just for a moment, I wanted to freeze time -- to keep them this way forever.

There is nothing easy about having three small children. The challenges of training and discipline are met with sleep deprivation. Yesterday, I was on my feet literally from 6:15am to 9:00pm, stopping only to feed myself or the baby. I change approximately sixteen diapers a day. Each day is an exercise in dying to self.

And yet, the days are beautiful. I cannot imagine more precious ages to have in my house, or sweeter voices echoing off our walls. Thank you, Lord, for my three stairstep little girls...


Alicia said...

This post about made me cry. How precious!

Jenny said...

so sweet... and gorgeous pic! you are doing such a lovely job. your hard work will pay off. your girls are very lucky to have you as am i. i am proud of you & i love you.

whippetmom said...

:) so sweet and true, and the beautiful picture just echoes all your beautiful words!