Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Fresh Air

It has been such a long winter for us. It was so cold, keeping us cooped up inside too often, for too many days in a row. Sickness seemed to run rampant through the house for weeks at a time. The pregnancy kept me feeling run down and in pain most of the time. I was so ready for springtime to arrive.

When Phoebe was born, I'd already broken out the flip-flops and skirts. It snowed the day Ruthie was born. But by that weekend, the sun came out and the temperatures began to warm. The bradford pear trees are blooming, short sleeves are coming out of drawers, and it looks like the warmer weather is here to stay.

As the temperatures approached sixty degrees, it was as if my heart lightened. Perhaps it's because I feel like we've waited so long for Spring, or perhaps it was because of the memories of the last time I brought home a newborn and the challenging season that followed. Whatever the reason, I feel like I'm able to breathe a little easier knowing that Spring is, for the most part, here.

We've been celebrating the warmer weather with lots of outside play. The girls are big enough to shoo into the backyard (alone!) for extended periods of time, and they love it even more now that we have something fun to climb on and slide down. Friends have come to play and dig, seeds have been planted, the ground has been fertilized, and popsicles have been eaten. Everyone seems to be in brighter spirits.

God is so gracious to give us Spring. Declaring His character in the bringing forth of new life, year after year, He is making all things new. And this year, it seems particularly sweet. Praise God from whom all blessings flow... including flip-flops!

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Jenny said...

amen! it's almost as if i could float away on pure joy when it is sunny...seriously, i feel like my disney/musical life is becoming a reality. even today while it is raining i'm joyful from yesterday's sun.
continue to revel in springtime loveliness taking it one day at a time. you are amazing! now if only we could make it down to the fave cave for a visit! i love you and miss you...