Friday, November 20, 2009

Where's the Bunny?

Today's been a bit of a down day. Nora threw up on me - and my shoes - before breakfast today, and it sort of put me in a sour mood. But this picture made me happy. And naptime is really no small blessing on days like today. So here's a little happy for my heart - and possibly for yours, too.

(Can you find my little sick Bunny under all those babies?)

Also, help is needed:
Assuming no one is puking on Monday (please, please Lord...), one of Michael's clients is going to be doing family portraits for us. These will be our Christmas card pictures, but she's also doing a full session - family, just the girls, etc. I don't want to do "Christmas clothes", since I want these to be some all-purpose pictures for us to enjoy. What do we wear? Oh please, someone, help me here. Specifically, what do I wear... please advise!


Malone Family said...

We did that for Emerson's two year old pictures a month ago. I wanted to have one to use for our Christmas card but also to hang year round, so we just had her in some red/white outfits. Red isn't always thought of as just Christmas, so that was all I could think of for her to wear. Do you have any red??? or white??

Kelly said...

ooohhh, I hope all of you feel better soon! I hate to see those little girls so sick! Plus, I want them in the best of health when I get to see them soon!!!
Ok, as far as Christmas pictures, I have a few suggestions. You could always just do a color scheme with no Christmas prints, but still imply christmas.
For starters, you could all wear lime green, red, and white, or lime green, hot pink and white (which I like best!) at least this way the girls can wear pink and you guys can wear green, or michael can wear green and you can wear red or pink... that's what I'd do!
OOORRRRR!!! You could do light blue and white, and it will just feel like snow!!! :D
Hope this helps!

Anonymous said...

wear neutral...cream, with splashes of color - hat, scarf, shoes...IT DOES NOT HAVE TO BE RED OR GREEN! :)

JJ said...

I'd agree more with the anonymous post - wear white or cream or black with denim or khaki, and then have touches of color in your accessories - jewelry / hair bows / tie / belt, etc.

Or (and this would especially work since you are a Crimson Tide family), if you and Michael wore shades of red / crimson and the girls wore shade of pink with neutral pants / skirts that would also work for both year-round and Christmas.

Looking forward to seeing them!!

Ann said...

I like the art teacher's suggestion...just saying...but I'm partial...speck so...Love bunches, a member from the resort. :D