Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Plague

It all started innocently enough. Michael and I both came down with "the crud", but the girls managed to stay healthy. It was never enough to knock us completely off our feet, but it was really annoying to have to haul around the tissue box and a pack of cough drops for two weeks.

The thought crossed my mind that maybe, just maybe, the girls had some built up immunity that would carry us through cold and flu season.


Shortly after that little thought crossed my mind, a stomach virus (both girls, though significantly shorter in Nora) set up camp for ten straight days. On day six (or was it seven?) of all that, Nora came down with the mother of all colds, leaving her absolutely miserable and unable to sleep. Mops galloped down the interstate to lend a hand, and I literally don't think we could have survived these past few days without her. We know she sacrificed a lot to come be with us, but it sure was a sweet (if somewhat sleep deprived) time! (The stomach virus is trying to make a return in Nora, but I'm still holding out hope that it's just something she ate.)

I'm hoping that the plague will be lifting soon; the thing about these kinds of illnesses is that they do end, eventually. I'm so very thankful that this is all we're dealing with right now...nothing chronic, nothing serious. God is both gracious and merciful to us, even in the midst of all of this yuck.

And for that? I'm pretty thankful.

"In everything give thanks; for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus." 1 Thessalonians 5:18


The Sinks said...

So sorry to hear ya'll have been battling sickness too! I feel like we've been just coming down with, in the thick of, or recovering from something for the past two months (and I'm not exaggerating!). Maybe this means we'll all be all done with it early in the season? At least, we can hold out that hope...!

Ann said...

Praise the Lord for a most magnificant mops! Bless your little sad for all of your sickness...but in reading it all I saw your wise wisdom to KNOW that it will NOT last forever! Soon it will be a memory...only pleasant by the remembrance of loving hands that helped, prayers of the saints that blanketed you, and realizing that it is over! Praying that God would lysol your home swiftly and completly. We love our Thomas' and sternly say to these nasty bugs, "Be gone...there is much celebrating to be the near future!" :D Much Love from the far north. Love, Ann and the resort crew

j&bH said...

"this too shall pass"...i am proud of your endurance & optimism. you will make it through and then hopefully the girls will have some built up immunities next time. miss you and love you. :)