Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Seeking Light

Yesterday, Phoebe woke from her nap delighted to discover a tiny rainbow atop our coffee table. She in fact found several rainbows, little spectra bouncing about our front rooms, thanks to a prism in the glass of our front door. She chased them, tried to grasp them, and giggled when she spotted them on her hands or dress.

After several minutes, we bid farewell to the rainbows. (I wanted to get the girls outside before we had to bid farewell to the sunshine as well.) I promptly forgot about them, thinking instead about the afternoon's agenda or perhaps the route we'd take for our walk.

Today, Phoebe woke ready to see the rainbows again. She bounded out bed talking about her colorful little strips of light, just knowing they'd be there. I gently mentioned that the rainbows were a special treat for yesterday, that we couldn't expect to see them again today.

Yet there they were. I'd have missed them altogether, scooting the girls out the door again for a walk, had she not been looking for them. Her joy matched that of yesterday, and she squealed when she discovered them: on her purse, on Mommy, on the desk. She was looking for the light, and she found it.

All too often, I forget to seek the light, to search for the promises held for me. In a hurry, or distracted by a lengthy list of things to do, I fail to slow down and seek His face. I am so thankful for the little ones in this house, who cause me to take pause and to notice...

"Seek and you will find..." Luke 11:9


j&bH said...

thank you for sharing...you have made my day just a little bit better. :)

ann said...

Amen! Thank you for this story of encouragement...it will definetly highlight my preparation for worship! Love you bunches! Thank you for the encouragement you gave our new mama this week!... speck so! Love, Ann...see you soon!!! :D

Lauren Limón said...

I'm missing your posts!