Thursday, May 5, 2011

Ruthie is Fourteen Months Old

Oh, our little mouse.  Fourteen months already?  Last night, Michael and I crept into Ruthie's room and found her asleep with her arms above her head in just the same way Phoebe used to sleep.  And while she's very different from Phoebe, there is so much about her that reminds me of her biggest sister.  Oh, how I am so thankful for this little Roo...

At fourteen months, Ruthie...
  • is still sleeping great, and still taking two naps.  I'm sort of praying she'll hold onto that morning nap for just a little longer!
  • is all done with the bottle.  One day, she just decided that she was fine with her sippy cup and with cold milk.  She's now drinking milk better than she did when she had a bottle. She still thinks water is pretty great too.  I'm so thankful that she's pretty laid back about this! 
  • now has six teeth -- four on the top, two on the bottom -- and is working on about twelve more, it seems like.  Mommy doesn't really dare to investigate too often.
  • climbs everything.  She nearly gives me a heart attack when I find her atop chairs and benches, and she's gotten really fast.  She is also a full-on wanderer-babbler, and y'all, it is exhausting.  Michael reminded me that they do grow out of this phase, and while I wish she could stay tiny, there is something beautiful that comes with communication.
  • does say a few words, and even strung together "Hey Dada" clearly during bathtime the other night.  "Mama" is still elusive.  She has a clear word for "Nibbles" ("Nih"), who is her newest best buddy, and will also say "that", "all done", and "thank you", among others.  She also will answer "yes" with a shake of the head.
  • barks like a dog whenever she sees one (and apparently loves all puppies!), and also has a clear "meow" sound for cat-like creatures.  All animals seem to be either cats or dogs right now.
  • loves her Nibbles and her Mousie.  When we traveled to Boston for Easter (more to come on that later), Mommy accidentally left Mousie in the van at the airport at 5 am.  We were thankful that our little Nibbles was in the backpack, because she at least had a sort-of-fondness for that little critter.  Remarkably, we were able to spend four nights away from Mousie (although Mommy did unsuccessfully try to track down a replacement) thanks to Nibbles, and she has now become an official sleeping buddy.
  • engages in simple pretend games, like giving her critters "tastes" of food.  She also still loves peek-a-boo and chase games through the house.  
  • loves her books, but only her books.  Woe to the parent that tries to read a Clifford or other short picture book.  
  • attempting to color, when she's not tasting crayons.
  • loves Miss Patty Cake, just like her sisters.  This is just about the only thing she's interested in on the TV.
  • loves to play at the play kitchen, hold baby dolls, snuggle with books, climb in the bath, eat snacks, and eat dirt dig outside.

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