Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Baby Pigeons and Potty Talk

I've been journaling more lately, it's just been a little quieter... the Lord seems to be calling me to quietness these days.  Not silence, just quietness.  Perhaps it is because life these days is so rowdy and rambunctious? 

We were unable to park in the garage for a few weeks due to some works-in-progress, so any return home involved us going in through the front door.  Phoebe has turned into quite the climber, and before I could finish unbuckling Ruthie from her car seat, she'd be scaling the Japanese maple in our front yard.  Occasionally she'd pretend to be a baby pigeon; other times, a little stuck kitten.  One day, I arrived home from a dentist appointment to discover Phoebe dressed as a ballerina fairy (named Alice).  It always amazes me to see her scaling that tree, getting higher all the time.  Is it shameful to admit that I've never ever climbed a tree?

Ruthie is finding her words, and it's always a delightful process to watch.  I never tire of having a front-row seat to all of the discoveries these little ones make, and language development is always so terribly exciting!  In the last week or so, she's started mimicking sounds and learning a few animal noises.  She also makes the same two-syllable sound for "I love you" every time, so I'm branding her a baby genius.  She is bursting with personality and ambition, I think.  And although I think she might send me to the asylum with all of her climbing about, we can't help but adore her. 

And our sweet Nora?  I'm potty training her these days (I think this is my most loathed duty of motherhood), which means I'm praying daily for an extra portion of grace and patience for my sweet children.  I think I was sort of hoping she'd just up and train herself.  But we're making the most of the process with lots of M&Ms, frosted animal crackers, stories in the bathroom, and youtube clips on my phone. 

When my sin and frustration bubble over, I am reminded of the Amy Carmichael quote, "A cup brimful of sweet water cannot spill even one drop of bitter water, however suddenly jolted.”  Oh, how weak I am!  I am so thankful that I am not called to be a perfect mother to these babies, and I am even more thankful that there is a Savior who is perfect, to whom I can point them.


Bianchi said...

I am glad that you are finding moments of quiet in the midst of your colorful chaos. Your rambunctious days are full of joyful noise...what a blessing! The sounds of your girls playing; Phoebe talking in such grown-up, imaginative sentences; Nora's sing-song narrative; Ruthie's cooing and laughing; are a soundtrack that I missed after I left. I felt privileged to spend the day with my Rho and her girls (my "Bean", "Peanut", and "Noodle")...
Thank you for another window into your days. It's always a delight and I am lucky as always to be "Aunt Fave".

Kendall and Luke said...

Oh my goodness, how the Lord has blessed you with such eloquent words to describe this season of life! I learn so much from your heart and spirit towards mothering! As always, the beauty of your girls are captured in such precious ways in these pictures (my favorite being the first one with all the ladies). I have a friend who gave birth to a baby and 40 hours later said her goodbyes as the Lord took Haddon to be with Him. Since that time on I have rejoiced through my tiredness when I am woken at all hours of the night with a sick baby, or the times when he is crying uncontrollably and I have no idea why, or the quiet moments I have with him cradled in my's those moments, good or bad, when I THANK the Lord for a baby at all. We are not perfect mother's and never will be, but just as you said, and I will repeat with my hands lifted in thanks and worship to the Lord, we serve a PERFECT savior! I love you bunches and thank you for sharing all of this on your blog!

Anonymous said...

those are precious pictures!!!!! Hope we can get coffee next time you are in town! Would love to hug your neck and "squish" your little ones.


JJ said...

You may never have climbed a tree, but you've climbed a few rocks... I'll bet Phoebe would have some fun at the rock climbing gym too!


Glad to hear things are going so well!