Wednesday, May 25, 2011


When I pick up dirty undies, stray socks, chewed-up paper towels, dryer sheets, and toothbrushes off the floor, I always think, "Man, if I lived alone, my house would be so clean."  And it would be, but life would be so dull and lonesome.
 Life with a husband, three little ones, and a big hairy dog is usually messy.  And rich.  The other day, I was potting and watering some plants on our back patio, and the big girls managed to get into my open bag of potting soil while I went in to change Ruthie's diaper.  By the time I came back, there really was no way to stop the fun.
My temptation was to get frustrated.  Honestly, it was a great big mess out there.  But they were so delighted to transfer and play in the dirt, I couldn't help but let it go on.
And if I'm being honest, the mess wasn't that big of a deal.  Oh, it was a disaster to look at it.  But a quick shoe-and-clothing removal, a trip through the tub, a scoop of oxyclean, and ten minutes with the hose at naptime was all the mess required.   
A friend of mine shared with me something she'd recently learned at a parenting seminar.  Evidently the three things adults remember most about childhood are rituals (especially mealtime rituals), vacations, and time spent outside.  While we don't have a real exploration-friendly backyard, we do spend a lot of time out there... and we do spend a lot of time getting messy.  I do pray they'll remember these dirty times with sisters, playing together in the backyard.


Bianchi said...

i am so proud of you and all that you do. :) glad to see you're enjoying the sunshine! what a fun mommy!!

love you all.

Daniel and Duski said...

He truly is making something beautiful, Sarah! This is something to celebrate, for sure.

Ann said...

LOVE IT! Thanks for the reminder of the most important thing in! Living each day on the "wild side" here at the "resort"! Your neck of the woods looks fabulously fun as well! Love you all bunches oxoxo