Wednesday, June 20, 2007


After a brief stint with the xanga blog, my husband was the first to jump ship. I figured I'd do the wifely thing and follow him to this place. I mean, all the cool kids are doing it, so why not? Anyway, this will be a good way to keep track of all the excitement going on at the homeplace and beyond.

Today's post is brought to you by the letter
P : pink, pretty, and precocious. I decided to have a very amateur photo shoot this afternoon and dress Phoebs up in one of her frilly dresses. Needless to say, I think all of the grandparents enjoyed her photos VERY much. What did Phoebe think of the whole process? Let's just say she was more interested in eating her hands and pulling up her dress.

So anyway, she's finally settling down for the night, which means I get some QT with the main squeeze. Seeya!

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Jenny said...

One benefit...Aunt Fave ("Mare") can post her comments on this blog!!! Woohoo!!!

I love you and MISS you! Will most likely call you tomorrow at some point...have much fun stuff to talk about.

kiss the bean for me