Friday, June 22, 2007

Ladies that Lunch

We probably made quite the scene at Zoe's today... 3 girls with 3 girls, all 3 months or younger. There was a little car seat/stroller rodeo all over our table. Today, I enjoyed some grownup time with Carolynn and Kristin, and their little girls Callahan (2 months) and Ella (1 month), respectively. Phoebe was the grown-up of the group. We have no pictures to prove it, but they were all just delightful, even if it was a little hot outside. It was good to just be out with some friends! I think Phoebe also enjoyed being a big girl! She was so alert and into everyone... Phoebe has actually had lots of friend time this week! Kayla (7 months) came over for a little while yesterday and was very interested in Phoebe, and Phoebe was quite the trooper as she was "inspected" (see photo). It's amazing how much little ones change in just a few months! The last time I saw Kayla, she was Phoebe's age.

Also registered for a class at the local scrapbook store after lunch... I've been wanting to do
more with some scrapbooking. This week I've just been playing with all of the "stuff' I've accumulated over the past year, trying to actually DO something just for me. I've had so much fun! In fact, more fun than when I'm making something for someone else! Go figure!

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j&bH said...

wish i could hang out!!! i miss you...more and more each day. (insert pitiful face here)
LOL...seriously though, i wish we were closer so we could just sit and do nothing together (as if i ever get to do that anymore!!!) or plan the wedding!

i love you...will call ASAP.

kiss the bean for me