Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Grins and Giggles

I think our favorite time around here is bathtime. I was surprised to discover that even early on, Phoebe was a MAJOR fan of the water. As long as she stayed wet, she was feeling great! Now that she's bigger and can get really wet, she likes it even more.

She has a new favorite pasttime when it comes to the bath. For a long time, we've been calling her bath her "splish splash". Well, now she's taking that literally. Many have seen her in action as she kicks and "runs" on her changing table, or pretty much any time she gets excited. She's now taken the excitement to the tub! No one in a six foot radius of the kitchen sink is safe from her splishing and splashing. She gets so thrilled, that the more she splashes, the more excited she gets, so the bigger her splashing gets. Who needs tub toys when you have feet?

She is also delighting all those around her with her newly discovered giggle. It's elusive, but when she does it, we can't help but giggle with her. I thought her smile was great...and it still is... but man, that giggle!

We've returned from an overnight jaunt to see Mops and Pops, and now we're settling back into our "usual" -- laundry, grocery store, cleaning, and regular naps. I think she's pretty tuckered out; she's been down for a while now! But I'm waiting for her any-minute-now-I'm-ready-to-eat noises. :)

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j&bH said...

i am so glad i got to spend some time with you this weekend! it was comforting beyond measure to hug you and cuddle the bean...we've been a little stressed in the harvard-bianchi camp the past couple of weeks, but that really helped ease a bit of tension.
ALSO...i can't wait to see you again soon & hopefully take you wedding dress shopping!!! i'm have no idea!

just wanted to tell you again how much i love my rhoda...i am so grateful for our seemingly lifelong friendship.

p.s. bathtime is a must if aunt fave is in town...i can't wait!