Friday, June 17, 2011

Miss PattyCake

Around our house, Miss PattyCake is the supreme celebrity.  My dear friend Carolynn introduced us to her at some point in the last couple of years, and we are in love.  All of us.  This sweet lady and her DVDs have helped me get many a meal finished or laundry load put away.  The girls adore her and are spellbound pretty much any time she's on.
A few months back, we were beyond thrilled to get to see our hero in concert with Mops and Pops.  (No, Mops and Pops weren't in concert... they just took us!)  While we waited to meet Miss PattyCake, Pops sneakily shopped the merch table and snagged all three girls a Miss PattyCake t-shirt.  (These have temporarily bought me a reprieve from making them MissPC dresses, glory be.)
The girls looooooove their shirts.  Like, they ask to wear them the second they come out of the dryer.  And honestly, they're usually asking me about it before I've even tackled their laundry for the week.  The other day, I noticed that Ruthie actually really loved her shirt, too!
After lunch, she fished hers out of her laundry basket and brought it to me, signing please.   It was dirty.  I said no.  I tossed it back in the basket.  And then, she brought it back to me.  And I tossed it back in the basket.  And then, she brought me her sister's shirt.  And then yesterday, Ruthie spies the shirt, folded, inside her laundry basket, and starts trying to pull it out through the holes.  She was absolutely beside herself when I put it on over her outfit.

Roo has also made the connection that the shirt is Miss PattyCake... so now, she thinks that every time she wears the shirt, she needs to watch as well.  She is so precious it's ridiculous. And right now, she just happens to be in her sister's shirt, which was hijacked out of the laundry basket...


Bianchi said...

look at those toofers in roo's mouth!! what a cutie patootie!

looks like fave needs to get with the program and investigate miss patty cake. ;)

love you all!!

Daniel and Kimberly Jordan said...

We discovered Miss Pattycake recently! One of the volunteers at Mom's Day Out gave us a DVD when Eleri was born. The kids really enjoy it and I'm definitely looking into getting another one. Recommendations?? (We have the God's Big World and the Zoo combo one.)

~allison~ said...