Monday, March 14, 2011

Four Years

When we got married, Michael and I had this four year plan.  We were going to work hard, travel a lot, make improvements to our home, and then we'd talk about babies.  We were young when we got married, and we wanted some time for "just us". 

So when we discovered that we were expecting just a week shy of our first anniversary, we were a little surprised.  And unbelievably delighted.  The four year plan washed away, and I couldn't wait to bring a little one into our lives.  Suddenly, our lives that seemed so full seemed so lacking; what were we thinking, wanting to wait four years?

Four years is a long time, and it would have been too long for us to wait.  Yet, four years has passed unbelievably fast as I look at my precious Phoebe-girl, who turns four today.  I almost have to pinch myself to believe that yes, she is four.  This tiny, beautiful, fussy little baby who bewildered and humbled and caused her parents to fall in love in a new way has grown into a delightful, confident, precious child, who daily reminds me how thankful I am that God has plans that are bigger and far more wonderful than mine.

This morning, I sat down with my coffee hoping to highlight who Phoebe is at four; instead, I'm overcome this morning by God's graciousness and goodness to us.  He does so much more than we can ask, dream, or imagine.  This morning, I'm praising Him for the beautiful gift of my Phoebe-girl, the little one who has exceeded even my wildest dreams. 


Lauren Limón said...

So sweet. Happy Birthday Phoebe!

Jenny said...

It really is amazing that Phoebe-Bean is FOUR years old!! We are blessed to be Aunt Fave and Uncle Gus...
You & Mr.T. are doing such a great job with your girls. Thank you for sharing them with us, they are a blessing in our lives.
Love to all!

Anonymous said...

4 was THE favorite age at our house! LOVE THAT AGE! Happy birthday sweet Phoebe! Love,