Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Looking Up

We've been hit by round two (round three, if you're Ruthie) of a nasty cold bug, so my motivation to do anything beyond the essentials has been pretty much nonexistent.  Because really, when six dirty diapers (before naptime), crusty noses, and seven loads of laundry a week are the essentials... who has time for much else?

Fortunately, we all appear to be -- for the time being -- on the mend.  I've hijacked the humidifier for myself, and the girls all seem to just have stuffy heads without much misery or moaning. I was lamenting the arrival of this second bout, until the warmer temperatures appeared (seemingly overnight!) and the delight of even the promise of spring has outweighed the frustration of illness.  Spring is coming!  We will not be cooped up forever!

The promise of Spring has been so encouraging to me this past week.  I cannot tell you how it has lifted my spirit to be able to take my troop outside without having to zip and bundle multiple little bodies.  Our strolls have been more consistent, and the hard exercise has been excellent for this weary mama.  I feel so much better on days when we have walked, and an added bonus is that I usually have a significant energy spike for the next several hours.  That energy is essential for chasing the crew, and especially our sweet Mouse, who is now...everywhere.

And although there has been little time for the extras, I have been purposing to choose to spend a little time most days on creative pursuits.  A sweet friend is teaching me to sew, and her lessons and encouragement have been just what I've needed to crank out some small, satisfying projects.  It is a delight to be able to see fruit from my hard work that is not easily undone! I am currently working on a doll quilt for Phoebe (she special-requested one for her birthday, which is in just a few short weeks!) that is so cute I can hardly stand it.  I secretly want a giant one for myself...

And now, if I don't go wake up my beautiful babies from their lengthy slumber, I will be paying for it come bedtime tonight.  So off we go!  I believe a trip-trap through the neighborhood to hunt for "blooms" is in order!


Simply Smith said...

I hope everyone feels better soon! Isn't it crazy how just a little bit of warm weather can make a huge difference?!
I am so excited that you are learning to sew! Isn't it so fun?! Please share pictures of Phoebe's quilt when you're finished. I can't wait to see it!

Jenny said...

I am SO proud of your crafty endeavors! We should sew together sometime...it is one of my favorite things to do & you are one of my favorite people. That just makes sense. :)

Hope the bugs will stay away from here on out!