Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Phoebe has a friend named Janie.  I can’t remember when she started talking about Janie, but she’s been pretty well-known around here for some time now.  She tells me she’s never seen Janie, but they’re evidently really good friends.

Janie is old (as in, older than Mommy and Daddy), lives in Africa, and has long red hair.  

For a long time, the big girls would go on trips to see her.  Actually, I think they’d just leave from trips:  they’d emerge from their closet door and shout, “Goodbye, Janie!  Goodbye!”  They’ll also pack backpacks for trips to see Janie.  Usually, Phoebe’s provisions consist mainly of books, but occasionally she’ll throw in some dress-up clothes and other essentials.

But mostly, Phoebe loves to talk to Janie on the phone.  Especially now that I’ve brought the Chatter-Phone back out, Phoebe will have lengthy conversations with her dear friend.  Most recently, it seems that they were chatting about the weather, because Phoebe wanted to know what she should pack on a trip to visit Janie.  (For the record, it was going to be cold; Phoebe prepared by putting on some mittens.  Evidently it’s cold in Africa this time of year?)

Phoebe can even now locate Africa on her placemat, and loves to remind me that it’s where Janie lives.  (How could I forget, sweet one?)  For now, I’m delighted that her friend is just an imaginary one... I think my heart would break if she left for Africa today!  And yet, I’m praying that God might use this tiny girl’s “friendship” to develop a heart for nations, and for people far away.


Jenny said...

i love this! what a sweet, darling, imaginative little girl. i am proud to be aunt fave. :)

love you bunches!!

p.s. anytime you want to go on an expedition for janie with a stop in madison, there is a room with your names on it.

Family Snodgrass said...

How fun!

tara said...

you are not going to believe this. tucker has an imaginary friend named janie. janie has been in his life for years and janie seems to sometimes be a girl, sometimes a boy. and may or may not live in africa. its been awhile since janie's name has come up, but your post was a sweet reminder of my boy's innocent imaginary friend. well, maybe janie is an angel that only children interact with. ;)