Friday, December 17, 2010


We have had some serious sleep issues around these parts, and it's made for a tired, frazzled Mama who literally couldn't wade through the laundry in the hallway until last night.  In spite of it, I've desperately tried to count my many blessings.  And it has been seriously desperate around here.  My mom was here Monday for a baby fix, and I am so unbelievably thankful that her visit was so Providentially Ordained, as I do believe her presence may have prevented me from jumping off a bridge or getting myself committed.

But things really (in spite of the no-sleep, no-nap thing that's been going on from someone small) have been rather delightful.

We're dressing up like robots, Little Red Riding Hood, Sleeping Beauty, and Mary (who, today, gave birth to the Lamb of God, aka Lamby).

We're also selling our wares at market, although this market is special:  you buy, the seller gives you the goods AND the money. Today, chocolate chip muffins were on the menu.

We're washing dishes and earning our keep.

We're getting into everything.

We're watching ballets, meeting ballerinas, and talking nonstop about the Nutcracker Ballet (and oh, how Nora can hardly wait until she gets to go next year!).

We've gone on scavenger hunts for Tinkerbell, dressed Mommy (and Jake) with "zebra stripes", had sisters reading to sisters, listened to Nora say "oatmeal" in the cutest way possible, tinkered in the kitchen, snuggled up with Praise Baby, and tried to remain thankful in all things.

There have been moments over the last week or so that I've really felt at the end of myself.  I've struggled to speak kindly, to wash or fold laundry (I believe there's a load in the dryer lingering right now...), to love my husband, and to even get a reasonable meal on the table at a reasonable hour.  Add to that the responsibility of "Christmas" in general -- or at least what I was feeling like was my responsibility at Christmastime -- and I've been categorically overwhelmed.

And yet, isn't that what Christmas is for?  It's so easy for me to sanitize the coming of Emmanuel, and my brain has been going through a retraining this year.  He came to us because we could not come to Him, because we were (and are) at the end of ourselves.  And oh, how I need Emmanuel... not just at Christmas, but every single day, to be God with me.


Jenny said...

thank you for the window into your everyday...i have been missing all of you something fierce.

as for feeling overwhelmed, i think you have described it perfectly. (my guest room bed is currently a clean clothes island...) glad to hear you got some help...looking forward to next semester when i could come save you if needed. :)

thank you for the reminder about "baby Jesus" who sometimes takes a backseat to shopping, crafting, and cookies.

love you

Kendall and Luke said...

I love reading about your sweet family. The reality of parenthood and the struggles of sleepless nights will soon be a reality in our house, but you were absolutely right when you said that we need Emmanuel everyday, not just during Christmas time and the sweet reminder that He chose us, by His grace and mercy. To God be the glory for the GREAT things He has done!
Oh how I wish I could jump in the car and help fold laundry, or play the role of Little Red Riding Hood. You are such a special Mama to those girls and a great example to me! Keep persevering in the faith and your day to day routine. Know you are being thought about and loved!!

Family Snodgrass said...

What a wonderful job you are doing! The girls look so happy!

Laura Gail said...

okay my eyes are watering after reading your post. so precious!!! i absolutely loved it. looking forward to seeing yall on Christmas! lots of love!

Kristie said...

Aw, cute! Ellie is just like Phoebe when she sets up shop, she gives you the goods and the money.

tara said...

you're house looks like the funnest!