Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Nora is 20 Months Old

Oh, our passionate, wild Nora... how is it that you are already 20 months old? Wasn’t it just yesterday that you were Ruthie’s size? A few days ago, I was looking at some pictures from Christmas and I couldn’t believe the change; and yet, all of the changes happened imperceptibly. Nora morphed from baby to toddler in a twinkling, although, I suppose that is just the way it happens.

At twenty months old, Nora is...
  • speaking in full, three and four word sentences. She communicates really well, and I’m astounded at how much we actually understand.
  • finally getting those teeth! Three molars are about halfway in, and I imagine they’ll completely move in by the time she’s three.
  • in love with both of her sisters. On the off chance that Phoebe wakes up before she does and we scoot her out of the room so Nora can get a little more sleep, the first word out of Nora’s mouth is, “Phoebe?” And Nora loves to take care of her little sister, designating herself as official paci-put-er-in-er.
  • so passionate, riding an emotional roller coaster throughout the day. I’m trying to be more cognisant of times that she might need a break, and she’s trying to learn how to manage some of the outbursts. Bunny and nay-nay are often sweet, sweet comforts.
  • pretty much fearless, and can do just about anything Phoebe does. She loves to climb, twirl, dance, and swim...just to name a few.
  • singing her ABCs with pretty decent accuracy, counting to five (with help), and answering the first three questions in the children’s catechism.
  • in love with all things water - the swimming pool, watering cans, washing dishes, and generally, the bath.
  • happier with books than just about any other toy.
  • starting to play dress-up with her sister, though she seems to prefer fancy hats to fancy dresses.
  • a budding chef, as she plays at the little pink kitchen several times throughout the day.
  • a sweet helper. She loves to help load and unload the dishwasher, sweep the floor, wipe spots off the floor, load the dryer, and put away laundry. Strangely, picking up toys is low on her priority list, although she’s beginning to enjoy putting things in their baskets, especially at the end of blanket time.
  • particularly receptive to one-on-one time, and seems energized after some time on the counter talking to Mommy.
Nora is a precious, exuberant delight. Her dimply smile seems to beget smiles from anyone in its beam, and her requests for “hold you me” are irresistible. Oh, how thankful I am for this little person -- and what a delight it is to watch her grow!

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