Monday, June 21, 2010

Breathing Room

For the first time in several weeks, I feel like I have a little bit of breathing room. Life with three little ones is beautifully full. Everyday life isn't busy - we're home all day, almost every day - but the necessary routines of life fill our days to the brim. When we add anything to the usual pace of life, I find that we're overflowing.

In order to keep my teaching certificate active (something I've been counseled to do by a few older homeschooling moms), I am taking an online, graduate level literacy class. I've shopped for time and found expensive slots in the early morning hours, and I'm falling asleep with a highlighter in hand. It has been precious to see God's hand of faithfulness in this difficult time, as I'm completing the readings and assignments on time without sacrificing my primary duties. He's also provided perfect help at the perfect times. Daily, I'm having to trust the Lord to show me how to order my day; he is truly "establishing my steps". I'm particularly thankful that my professor is in France this next week and we have a bit of a "catch up" week. I'm hoping to get a little ahead in anticipation of a July 4th weekend.

Needless to say, the energy to blog is almost nonexistent. Life is stripped to the necessities right now, and I'm scratching out bits of our days and establishing notes of gratitude in a book I keep open on my kitchen counter. I'm planning to return to the blog in August, when the class is completed and we can settle back in to our normal, full routines.


Lauren Limón said...

I'll miss you until then!

Jenny said...

i'm so proud of you & sincerely miss you...hoping to put together a trip to visit our thomases. until then, maybe we'll catch eachother on the phone sometime. :)

love you!