Thursday, May 6, 2010

Ruthie is 2 Months Old

Two months have come and gone with our little Ruthie! Sometimes I forget that she's only two months old... and sometimes, I can't believe that she's already two months old. Our days are a whirlwind, and we're busy right now with spring planting. We've also had a touch of a tummy bug in the house, Nora's cutting teeth, and I'm in the process of renewing my teaching certificate, so I'm squeezing this in so my very forgetful brain can hang onto what it's like to have a sweet little two-month-old Ruthie in the house.

At two months old, Ruthie...
  • Weighs 9 pounds, 5.5 ounces and is 23 inches long. (This was at her eight week checkup on April 27.)
  • Eats every three hours during the day, usually taking between two and four ounces at a meal. We have recently transitioned to faster flow nipples for her bottles, and we're hoping she'll start taking a little more at her meals. At night, Ruthie usually wakes once to eat between four and five, and then goes back to sleep. [At around six weeks, she was sleeping through the night, going from 10-6. She kept this up for about a week and a half, but she has started needing to eat again. Growth spurt, maybe?]
  • Takes a nap after each meal that lasts anywhere from an hour to two hours. It generally takes a fair amount of grumping to settle herself down, but she does settle herself for her naps.
  • Enjoys being swaddled, but is perhaps getting a little irritated with the Miracle Blanket. She seems to prefer a less restrictive - but still tight - swaddle when she sleeps.
  • Smiles oh-so-sweetly! It started as a small grin, but it's getting a little bigger and easier to coax out.
  • Coos when she is very, very happy.
  • Loves her bath! Our bathroom has become a little bit of a spa retreat, with all three girls getting sudsed up on a nearly-nightly basis. I can't wait until she's big enough to sit in the tub with her big sisters!
  • Is content just about anywhere! She's been an easy-going little sister, and she loves to just be where we are. She particularly loves to lay on her back and watch a fan; this usually gets her kicking and smiling. She also loves the swing, the Moby, and her bouncy seat. Her sisters provide plenty of stimulation; consequently, she spends very little time on the floor!
I was so fearful about the transition to three, and yet, God has allowed us to have a smooth and easy transition in which I feel like I'm really delighting in all three of these sweet little girls. The days are flying by, and before we know it, Ruthie will be running around wild with her big sisters. It's so hard to believe!


Jenny said...

this IS hard to believe! wow! i am constantly proud of you and miss you all daily.


posted by The Bailey Family said...

Time does fly. Ruthie is adorable. You must be going back to teaching. I miss it.

Sarah Rose said...

Kim, I don't miss teaching at ALL. I don't plan to go back, but I don't want to let my certification lapse either -- it's much easier to keep it active, just in case!