Friday, May 14, 2010

Mother's Day

If you had told me on my wedding day that, before our fifth anniversary, I would have three little girls... well, I would have thrown my blue wedding flip-flops at you. I still can hardly believe it when I look in the rearview mirror and see three little car seats. When I check on them before heading to bed and I see those sweaty little curls and hear the deep nighttime breathing, I can't help but praise God for his abundant blessings and thank Him for not giving me what I thought I wanted.

This Mother's Day, it was a delight to braid hair, change diapers, rock babies, and sterilize bottles. It wasn't a particularly extraordinary day (although Michael made certain to make me feel adored), but my heart rejoiced in the everyday tasks of motherhood. I am so thankful for the contentment God has placed in my heart as a mommy. This job is unbelievably hard, but the benefits are incredible!


whippetmom said...

love the smiling faces :) And seeing a picture of you with your three sweeties!

Daniel and Duski said...

Sarah, I just found your blog...and I am enjoying it so much! Your autheniticy is so encouraging. :)