Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Candy Candy Candy

Phoebe and I have played countless games of Memory over the past few months. She loves playing games, and she particularly loves the undivided attention she gets during game play. So to add to our board game library, Michael and I purchased her the preschool board game classic, Candyland.

It's really the perfect game for her right now: simple, colorful, and pretty fast-paced. What I didn't think about was the allure of all the candy all over the board. Also, since it's been at least two decades since I've even looked at Candyland, I'd forgotten that the game has special "fancy" cards that move you all over the board. Fancy pink cards with candy on them.

Exuberant does not even begin to describe Phoebe as she plays this game. Every card she turns over and every move she makes brings untold excitement. The first night we really played, she would wait to turn over her card and would say dramatically, "Is it a faaanncy one? I don't know... let's see...." She waited in suspense every single time! And when she did get a fancy card? Nevermind if it brought her all the way back to the beginning... she could hardly contain herself!

Last night, Mops was in town for the night. I had already described our Candyland excitement and insisted that Mops had to experience it for herself. So after Nora went to bed, Phoebe got to stay up and play with the three grown-ups. Phoebe was over-the-top delightful! She jumped for joy, squealed, and practically knocked the board over when she was the owner of a fancy card. And to top it off, Phoebe creamed the rest of us -- not that winning mattered to her! Right now, Candyland is all about the experience...and man is it a fun one!


Carolynn said...

Callahan is now the proud owner of Candyland and Memory, too! However, in all our craziness we haven't been able to play them. Hopefully they can play it together really soon!

j&bH said...

LOVE this! whenever fave comes down for a princess party, we must include a round of candyland. :)

Kelly said...

oh, I love the excitement of this game!!! :D I can just imagine Phoebe's excitement with her "fancy" cards! She is such a fancy girl, herself, and I love it! :D

Kendall and Luke said...

aww!! what a precious story!! it makes me so excited for her and this special age! I too was a fan of Candyland and my favorite was the pretty blue lady with lots of sparkles (or sprinkles as Phoebe would call them). I hope her excitement continues in playing with the family and I hope game night continues to be a success in your house! what a special blessing for yall!! i miss you but i cannot begin to tell you how much use the snugly blanket has received in our home!! love yall!!

Anonymous said...

Queen Frostine and Plumpy!!!! WOO HOO for Candyland! Another favorite of ours (when Pheobe gets another couple of years under her belt) is "Guess Who?".

ENJOY!!!! Karen

ann said...

tee hee hee! I remember the original Candyland...or as Kendall would say, "back when life was lived in black and white!" Anyways, when we bought the game for Allison, I too had that same thought about the cards. Adorable story!
Mr. Stev and I just spent a speedy 24 hours in L'ville and were entertained...more like mezmorized by Stone for a full hour as he interacted with his animal pals, Mr. Monkey, Frog, and Elephant as they hung above his bouncer. How can staring at such simplicity bring such abundant joy? Don't know, but it is grand, speck so!

Treasure this post in my heart, thanks for sharing! Much love from the frozen resort...it was 9 when we awoke this January 1st day! Love to all, ann Happy New Year! Loved the card from our Thomas'! Beautiful!