Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Truth

Last night as we were getting ready to eat dinner, Michael was telling Phoebe about all the people he loved. He'd named all the usual suspects, as you would expect. And then he said,

"Phoebe, who does Daddy love most of all?"

And without missing a beat, Phoebe answered:


May our little girls always know that Jesus is to be loved most of all...


whippetmom said...


Ann said...

hmmm, first, I have to comment on the picture. I have one just like it from 26 years ago with Mr. Stev and our Allison. The were called "Big Ones"... from a future grandma's vantage point...Michael...stay in the middle of the pool! :D

Secondly, I agree with the above comment to the story you just posted. My heart says " :D " Thanks for sharing. Love from the Resort crew and ms. ann oxoxoxox

Andy and Kelly said...

perfect :)