Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Bigness is Contagious

Phoebe isn't the only one doing big things around here. Nora seems to be getting bigger by the minute, too! It's as if she has caught the "getting big" bug and just wants to join her sister.

In just the last week, Nora has:
  • started babbling (instead of her typical dinosaur screech)
  • started signing "more" very enthusiastically
  • started clapping
  • started waving
  • flipped onto her knees and started rocking... I'm sure she'll be crawling in just a few days!
Nora also got her first taste of "sauce" this week. (Sauce, by the way, is my family's special recipe spaghetti sauce.) She LOVED it, as if any of us were surprised.

It's so much fun to watch babies grow! Whether we're practicing our crawling or potty training, there are some big girls growing up fast in this house!

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