Monday, April 12, 2010

Full Days

Nineteen diapers.

Actually, the number was seventeen. But I'm including two pull-ups in that count, since they were definitely not dry upon their removal. In one day, I changed nineteen diapers. So if you're wondering what I'm up to these you know.

Of course, I'm doing more than changing diapers. The past few weeks have been full of laundry, which multiplies by a factor of ten with the addition of a new baby and outside play. And fortunately, the days have not been full of much cooking, at least at suppertime; our sweet church graciously provided meals for us for three weeks. (These started after Mops left, so I'm just now having to figure out what's for dinner. And in fact, a friend is bringing us something delicious tonight! SO thankful for community.) And not much cleaning, either -- at least not the bathroom scrubbing kind, because I'm still enjoying the gift of Pam, who does the deep cleaning every two weeks. (If only she was here for whole-house pickup three times a day!) But our days have been sweetly filled.

With dress-up.

With dancing.

With popsicles.

With castles and dragons and playhouses.

With kisses.

With Spring wardrobe change.

With sprinklers.

With spa treatments.

With birthday parties.

With treats.

With slides.

With flip-flops.

With grandparents.

With baby smells.

And with lots of love.

Between all of those things, I'm finding it hard to even sit down these days -- much less write about our days. (And all three even nap at the same time, at least for a little while!) But I'm so thankful that pictures are worth a thousand words; it's certainly easier to snap a picture of giggling little girls than to write about them! I'm having to remember that this is a season, a time when all of my children are incredibly dependent and needy; I know I'll grieve their independence a little bit when it comes. For now, I'm oh-so-thankful for the blessing of very full days.


Kelly said...

What great pictures!!! I'm glad to hear that your church family has taken care of you you, as well as your own families coming to help!!! I'm glad you find time to blog because I just love hearing about how you are doing, and seeing those girls!!!
Thank you for your registry "must have" list! It came in so hand why I registered!!! You are wonderful!!!

Kendall and Luke said...

These pictures blessed my heart! your family is precious and these girls are a gift! thank you for sharing these beautiful moments!