Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A Conversation with Phoebe

While Daddy was watching some baseball with Phoebe curled up on his lap:
Michael: Phoebe, what team does Daddy like?
Phoebe: (Thinks for a minute)...the Braves!
M: Good girl! What team does Pops like?
P: Mmmm...Red Sox!
M: Phoebe, what team do you like?
P: (Thinks for a long time)....Phoebe like pink!


Mrs. Olsen said...

Cute! And very political of her. :)

Jenny said...


Kendall and Luke said...

haha! that's so precious! what a smart girl she is! i hope your doing well, enjoying the pregnancy and i can't wait to see you, hopefully soon!! be blessed!

Anonymous said...

pink is the BEST!!!! I joined the guys football pick'em this year and chose the teams solely on the uniform I like best! :-) HOPE I WIN!!!! karen

whippetmom said...


Erin said...

Just wanted to wish little Nora a happy 1st birthday!